Body Composition Scans

If you want accurate results, you need to look beyond the scales

A body composition scan goes beyond your weight and breaks your body down into the four main components which contribute to your total body weight: fat, bone, muscle and water.

If you are measuring yourself against changes you see in your weight when you step on a scale, you aren’t able to determine if these changes are due to an increase (or decrease) in fat, or in muscle.

Measure Body Fat %, not just weight loss

The best method to use when setting and measuring your body goals is by looking at your ‘fat to weight ratio’ (also known as body fat percentage). Unlike other common methods of measurement such as Body Mass Index (BMI), your fat to weight ratio takes into account your individual overall body composition – not just population-level averages. The Alternature Body Composition scan allows us to separate and segment your body fat from other factors which affect your overall weight (such as your muscle, bone & water).

By doing this, we can calculate your body fat percentage by dividing your total body fat by your total body weight.

Having a clear understanding of where your fat, muscle, and body levels are at means that you’ll have an accurate baseline and starting-point to guide and help you to achieve your goals: whether you’re looking to lose areas of unwanted fat, to build lean-muscle, or you’re focusing on a complete body transformation.

By undergoing regular body scans, you’ll be able to track & measure the changes in your body composition and chart your progress over time so you quickly and easily monitor your progress in reaching your goals, and make adjustments to your training or strategy in order to stay in track.

Scans to the general public are available every Saturday.

Click on the button below and choose a time slot that best suits you. Time slots allow for 10 people, so allow for up to 30 minutes on the day

Price is $15 per scan. Or Buy a 4 pack for $40

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