Free Fitness Assessment

Why Is It Free?

WWe are offering a limited number of people these Free Fitness Assessments and a Game Plan to improve, because we know that by helping you get started and seeing results, that you’ll be back to learn more.

This is a no commitment offer and I’m happy to offer you as much advice as we can fit into the 30min Assessment.

In an industry full of broken promises and unrealistic goal setting, we believe in keeping it simple. We want to let what results you achieve by following our advice be our sales pitch to you.

What’s Included

OOnce you’ve booked in with one of our Trainers and filled in the forms we send you, this is what you can expect during your Fitness Assessment Session.

  • Goal Setting and Measurements
  • A quick Warm Up routine
  • Mobility and Flexibility Assessment
  • Cardio Assessment
  • Muscular Endurance Assessment
  • Stretch Routine
  • Your Game Plan to improve these results
  • And an invite to a special Support Facebook Page

Get Started

To get started, simply click on the button below, fill in the form and one of our trainers will be in touch to make your booking.

Be quick… places are limited

Where Is It?

We are located inside the Alternature Wellness Clinic at 24 Minimine st, Stafford